Tuesday, 20 March 2007

From "Sperm Collection and Processing Methods"

Ed. Rajasingham S. Jeyendran.

Several different procurement methods have been described, incuding transpelvic seminal-vesiculectomy, simple vasectomy, TFNA, PESA, orchiectomy, and electroejaculation.

So long as electroejaculation of the deceased is considered morally acceptable and ethically sound, the procedure itself, from a scientific point of view, has proven practical and highly effective.

The postmortem sperm procurement procedure

  • Prep scrotal skin.
  • Expose both testes and spermatic cords with a median raphe incision.
  • Remove testes along with an extended length of vas deferens.
  • Transfer testes and vas deferens in media (see Media and protein supplementation, page 112) to the laboratory for processing.

    Note: Specimen must be collected within 24 h of death.
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