Tuesday, 13 March 2007

From "Caller"

By Tom Raworth.

all greens
a spark of human cost
those went so strangely

memory reshuffling
toned mortar
play in coiled dark

in shadow shadows
media cycle manicures

cream flakes
from leaden cows
hits wear formal horizons

toward prior to delivery
citation’s absurd

borrowed complete shock
extend instructional assist

sleepers open
state of siege
rebels tended to frown

menace without epiphanies
malice placid reach

have tenth reservoirs
cutback tax cuts
not shared sharply

condition paused
above space
of unknown provenance

adequate strudels
separately dressed
affect marble

tripwire recalls
mist tinged orange
from left wall to right

a marketed skillet
blitzed stocking
cat on diesel

full print to work
perfume preposterous name

velveeta cheese modelled
clings to guide
as per quartet

restripe the lot
emphases became effective fund

dwindle animate slides
torqued into gouge designs bone

entrepreneurial tunnel
dash tricks right

head too funny
turned endless cordite
tattoo lightning

ideological rules
mandate measure

clog robot
bladder waves discharge
a distilled spinach

paramilitary wreckage
arks one musical

fierce turn crucial
shift forgiveness
you jolt that table

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