Thursday, 22 March 2007

A Note on Precious Bombast

Adbusters, ats ma best pig, wis chewin on his tail an his vulva, so natrilly Ah suspict, the por-cine-sponji-form-encefallo-pathy, but when Ah lean in fur inspecshun, Adbusters suffered from a rill bad jet of diyareeyah, so I decided ta git a college man ta cyst; Heidy Keston, hire yew, Adbusters, ats ma best pig, is rill sick, what jew make of attair shitspray, in particullar its yeller culler, an its tendency a point everywhichways? The ethical eminence of obnoxiousness is one of the few perks of living through disaster. Ruthless criticism can fit its critic through this loophole, if it pays some attention to the totality of its contexts, and in particular its own dominatation by what is announced and argued in the totality of its critic's social identities and acts. "Dominate" here not in some annihilative sense -- not as the American fundamentalist voter understands the policymaker to be the meaning of the policy -- but in a combinatory sense, more akin to how a catalyst's presence dominates a reaction, or how an initial condition can dominate certain nonlinear dynamical systems. At's ma renderin, as I recall he used farn words like diaperdecathected. Yip Keston, you rill ignernt, Ah seed all that 'ready! Now Ah need jew a hold Adbusters jest rat cheer, while Ah plug him how Ah knows best, yip jest retch in, mushobliged. Now while Ah'm what yew could call "porkin" Adbusters, Adbusters screamed, “These rather Miltonic articulations can be useful in a context of an ideology shake-down, for the following reason at least. It is pretty widely accepted that the vocabularies we inhabit are “ideological”; they channel our perceptions, opinions and acts; but vocabularies are lavish and spine-free and we are hardcore; we always win if we put the effort in; neologisms, jargon and words-that-need-looking-up are ways of mapping out where the effort is most needed (Heidegger was making up words for things we “already” had words for it even when it wasn't widely accepted). Vocab lifted from a fringe (“Obscure as usual, but not too obscure. You want them wondering ‘should I know this?’ while having to look it up. Say, maulana, exordium, oracy” – Tim Morris, “Deuce”) possesses a particular pedagogical acidity when anything natural, universal, common or everyday is being questioned. (It is easy to dismiss such questioning as an old chestnut from which a mighty oak in whose shade we all frig clipart shepherdesses has already grown. But the only thing that is necessarily banal in an account of constructedness is the fact of it; nothing need be decided in advance and the disclosedly constructed may well be worth keeping and using afterwards. I feel sic, I think it was something I gored). I imagine – I am a pig, that’s what we do – that a critic may pick up this habit if he partly relies on comedy to do his critical discourse: a crutch against personal boredom-crush; a bargaining chip with the reader (you will have to work out exactly what I mean because I can’t be bothered, but at the points where you will have to do this I will tell a little joke); a way of coaxing the reader’s mind into the virtuoso modal shifts necessary to cognisise truly brobdingdagian insights.”

Yip. Ah got a lot of pigs. Tonight, Ah ham infarct gonna find out each unz that there upinion. Y’all retch in. An hold em rat cheer.

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Kismet Jones said...

"neologisms, jargon and words-that-need-looking-up are ways of mapping out where the effort is most needed"

fuckin magnificint.