Tuesday, 6 February 2007

From "Farenheit 9/11"

By Michael Moore.

Meet Marine Staff Sergeant Dale Kortman...
... and Sergeant Raymond Plouhar.
They are two of the many recruiters assigned to Flint, Michigan.
They're very busy these days.
Look, he's running away already.
- He's seen us coming.
- Yeah.
What have we got here?
- Need a little gangster.
- Yeah.
We're heading over to the Courtland Mall right now.
They decided not to go to the wealthier Genesee Valley Mallin the suburbs.
They have a hard timer ecruiting young people there.
Instead, they went to the other mall.
- Let's go in through Mervyn's.
- In through Mervyn's.
And then we'll walk straight down and straight back and then go down...
Gents, you know we're looking at you, right?
You guys ever think about joining up?
I thought about going to college and playing basketball.
- You any good?
- Yeah. Especially basketball.
Good. You can play ball for the Marine Corps.
Travel around the world for the Corps basketball team.
- David Robinson was in the military.
- Oh, was he?
Yeah, you can definitely hook it up.
Right now somebody out there wants to be a Marine but has no idea how to.
- Where you work at?
- I work at KFC.
- Sweet. Hook us up with deals.
- Yes.
They're waiting to get recruited.
I was gonna try a career in music or something.
Career in music? Maybe we canget you a career in music.
Let the Marines go for it.
I'm sure you know who Shaggy is.
- You know anything about him?
- Yeah, he's the Jamaican singer.
How about a former Marine?
- Oh.
- Did you know it?
You need to know discipline if you're gonna get into music.
Especially discipline with the money.
If you make a million, you need to manage that money.
Come to the office, we can talk...
...show you everythingabout the Marines.
- A plan?
- What you got going this afternoon?
How about tomorrow?10:00 Monday morning?
- That sounds pretty good.
- You want me to pick you up?
It's better to get them when they're in ones and twos...
...and work on them that way.
Ladies, ready to join up?
Green hat right behind us.
- Looks young. He's young.
- Yeah.
We got two over here...
...right over by the red van.
You go that way, I go this way,we corner them.
- You're in the ninth grade?
- Yes, sir.
Man, you look older than ninth grade.
All right, here's my card.
You ever thought about being a Marine, man?
I've thought about it. I've got a wife and kid now.
Even more reason to join up.
What I want to do, man...
...is get information from you so I can scratch you off my list...
...saying I've talked to you, and you're not interested. Is that cool?
What's your name? Phone number? What's your address?
Add another one to the list.

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