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Coupons Coupons (2/2)

Coupons tells me the “Spam Situationism” object-lesson in rich hybridisation of disciplines has already been redrafted to avoid that. So I’ll bung rather than weave my other notes.

7. I had expected a reflexive moment, about the moral decorum of reconfiguring these public data thus (you know, “going public”). Can you, Coupons Coupons, trust the visitors to Camille’s blog with this? Conferencegoers, what’s their game – ever? Clearly the paper’s reflexive activity is enacted through a mechanism more sophisticatedly diffuse than a paragraph.

“Links to hidden texts could be emailed to friends.” This is fine, but tinkles. Coupons coupons is a volcano. He’s not looking even to chime. Her paper is a call for legally nebulous direct action. Its original situationist / code-materialist content is a hacking text-magick designed to breach specific academic and artistic symbolic systems, weakening them for agitprop injection, a device necessarily meditating on its function and functionality. By the time we reach, “These links could be included in the list of publications on your CV” this has become clear (it was a bit of luck that I was using a hermeneutic Firefox to parse this draft paper).

8. Regarding the details of this device, wouldn’t quite I say, “They don’t interest me. I’m nat gettin shirty whitcha; it’s intended as one of a sequence of stipulated lacks of interest, which I hope will be useful in generating a profile for the kind of critical thinking I want to start doing” – but Jeremy Beardmore or Francis Crot might say it. They might say it because although it is extremely interesting material, it is a tiny, facsimile “extremely interesting” (or more exactly, an “extremely interesting” jerryrigged from some other predicate from the world of power, like the Borrowers use empty thread spools as bed side tables). Someone fully absorbed in furthering this paper’s fascinating canonical-theoretical material is engaging in a venally different activity from someone fully engaged with furthering the hacking and post-sloganeering practices it recommends. I wouldn’t say it, though, because I am too timorous for the politics of disavowal. I prefer to think in terms of spycraft: discourses studded with moles, sleepers and triple agents (these could be people or subject positions).

Coupons Coupons sometimes gets behind Crot etc.: “While the slogans at [the Bureau of Public Secrets] [...] remain the formal centerpiece of that page, they have all but faded into an historical residue possessing little if any power to attract a non-initiated readership. [Bourgeois sanctimony doesn’t mess about does it.]”

9. “The logic follows that if typos are inevitable, their anticipation should be a source of profit. Typo spam’s pragmatic mobilization in the service of revolutionary Marxism re-forges the break between “chance and necessity” that a spam poetics delivers to McCaffery’s theoretical construct.” Ha! I use the Dvorak layout to avoid canonical typos! Goreskin! Gorecast! Goreseeable!

10. I really liked: “At least upon gaining initial access to a vulnerable site, why not assume an interventionist minimum in using a writing practice to accumulate sensitivity to that site? Not quietude but caution. Soft intrusion as praxis. A sustainable access that dances on the threshold of tending porous vulnerabilities rather than adding fuel to the net-security arms race.” Shrewd. It’s not mold, those ones are blueberry.

11. I don’t think I get this: “More unique words form a syntactical glue around the keywords, a mode of recombinant “phrase stitching” that anticipates chains of potential search queries (Gyongi and Garcia-Molina).” It seems like this is a list of search engine queries: “taken with wellbutrin / cheap xanax / overnight treatment xanax / xanex effects / best price for xanax / mixing xanax and alcohol / xanax from pakistan / alprazolam high / injecting xanax” (slashes added). Is the point that potential search queries will emerge from neighbouring dismembered extremities, e.g. “overnight treatment xanax / [xanex effects / best price] for xanax / mixing xanax and alcohol”? If so, the text doesn’t seem to be ordered to optimize that, does it? Cf. Keston Sutherland on line breaks in an old episode of The Gig.

12. How would these search queries have been gathered anyway? From tracking what queries are already bringing visitors to a site? There was a kind of leak a little while ago of AOL search engine queries (detailed in the Bad 5 Miscellany); I guess that kind of thing might come in handy.

13. I have drawn Tim Morris’s attention to the paper; he’s been working on something to do with literary secrecy. To His Code Mistress.

14. Are there “legitimate” reasons for large chunks of text to be hidden with the display equals none tag? If there are not, or if those aims could be achieved in other ways, it adds clout to Coupons Coupons’s whiff of slander – that Google may be self-interestedly permitting the distortion of its results. “Google knows that these kinds of texts have tricked its spiders into indexing the pages they’re coded into, but it hasn’t developed the algorithm modifications to reduce their performativity. Google’s response is reactionary: “Hidden text or links” is the first problem-type listed in their “Report a Spam Result” form , and its page “Information for Webmasters” recommends that webmasters “Avoid hidden text or hidden links” as its first specification under “Quality Guidelines” . Meanwhile,the Organic Spam web community – formed to “Shake and Awaken the Monopolist Search Engines” – exposes ways that Google profits from search engine spamming through AdSense revenue.”

15. Ecologies of e-mail forwards may require less geek and more poet know-how to infiltrate. I had a stab at one as part of Dog Puke (22 & 25 Jan). Created in media res crammed with YHWH dinosaur bones, “FWD: Fwd:”, “>>” etc. It’s just an indicative gobbet though, and I don’t know whether it would survive long in its tacit environment. Doing it properly would probably involve a set of such texts, inserted into networks of forwarding fundis with a kind of unavoidable contempt.

From the juvenelia, a chain-letter that was supposed to eat chain-letters. I dug it up and was interested in how forward fashions seem to have changed (complicated by my switch to an office demographic).

16. Some of the articles I’ve looked at seem to suggest that web sites are each assigned a single PageRank value, rather than a PageRank value with respect to a particular search query. “For instance, the home page of The American Mathematical Society currently has a PageRank of 8 on a scale of 10.” This can’t be right. Can it.

17. “[…] it’s tempting to assume that this is some kind of database for nonsense spam-emails performing some function in the pharmaceutical spam economy.” But this is wrong, right?

18. Stoop for this golden apple. “Depending on the nature of the intervention, it could generate search engine results for its host.” The finishing tape was pus anyway. I want that wink searched.

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