Sunday, 18 February 2007

Cambridge Experimental Women's Poetry Festival

The Cambridge Experimental Women's Poetry Festival, smudgy like on television. God bless you Mr. !katKO. As of posting it's still coming together but check out Caroline Bergvall and feel a bit funny, or add _video_proofs to the URL.

Emily Critchley's introduction:

The rules are simple. We play till we drop. Winner takes all. The dealer can call one break of one hour. If you bust, you're gone. There will be broken hearts. Let's make it a great contest. An honest, great contest. For that reason I've imported one of the West's most remarkable lawmen. Catherine Brown. She'll run things. Come on up here, Coop.

Catherine Brown's introduction:

Thank you, Commodore. Now players, anyone caught cheating will forfeit his entry fee and be banned. See these?

[She holds up two shooters.]

They're the only two allowed here. Anyone breaking rules better be a faster draw than me. And better learn how to swim.

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