Thursday, 25 January 2007


"c.1410, "crouch on the heels," from O.Fr. esquatir "press down, lay flat, crush," from es- "out" (from L. ex-) + O.Fr. quatir "press down, flatten," from V.L. *coactire "press together, force," from L. coactus, pp. of cogere "to compel, curdle, collect" (see cogent). The adjective sense of "short, thick" dates from 1630. Squatter "settler who occupies land without legal title" first recorded 1788; in ref. to paupers or homeless people in uninhabited buildings, it is recorded from 1880. Slang sense of "nothing at all" first attested 1934, perhaps suggestive of squatting to defecate."

"Sound symbolism is an affective or expressive language use working at a submorphemic, sometimes subphonemic, level and predisposes evaluative, pejorative use and meaning change. Sound symbolism ascribes non-arbitrariness to, typically, sub-sections of the vocabulary containing lexical-semantic forms such as onomatopoeias, sound-symbolic lexemes and templates. An example of a sound-symbolic schema specific to English is the onset cluster /skw/ [...] with the semantic component 'compression' present in, for example, the lexemes squash, squeeze, squat, squish, squiggle."

sits scan scorbutic rot reef scuttlebutt scribbles bot scrubber slob spat squirrel scad stem skivvy skit scales squareness spur forgot seer scuffle scramble sank scarify scarves sews skate squelch scarf sine scathingly scan soar skew scorbutic squeamishly sulk stun sung scratch skulduggery scullery SQUAT skirmish spar scherzi skin-deep skilful schoolchild rot scolding scrofula sell rot screenwriting squeamishness sin squawk screwy shot sham rot coin swum skinflick scoliosis plague scantiness spew scat scrapyard stumpy schoolchild scat skate snob shed scrap sub scrabbler spot lot sue squalidness scratchy skies sink black schoolgirl spit scalloped scriptwriter scorecard sans spot schnapps squatty scatological shot sea scrivener french schoolboy sty schoolroom skittish scrim sow saw sore smurf schoolmaster sink schuss schmaltz set skid scrunch skinny-dip squiggly sere semi job scattering skeet skillet bell scorch skycap swan tot scoliosis scattered sip plague slew scoop scantiness see scruff plague big squad screwdriver sculpture scurvily tot scout sock skyjack dot scornfully sign sung schmaltzy scutcheon scratch gut sap shot skulker sub knot sham scruple soon soy squat skewed schism schoolmarmish suey scapula step scared scolding scone skimpy swap scissor scholastically soak snug knot sculptural swum sit scurvy squad spud scorn big sods scientist skull underslung screw skirmish scotch shun scathingly scam seat bought skywriter lot skulduggery sue scorch scoreboard shot crot mug schnitzel jump scornfully site skitter skate stag schoolgirl schoolmistress scarily sake sect sin scurfy scrapbook saw soul schoolmate sir sate scout skim scott self quote skyjacker scrawniness see lat screwdriver squamous smug scholarship scaled soar yacht knot scar shot sax scruffy suey screenwriter scissors sculpt one scrub shot snob flot- snap skyjack walk sits skiff scatterbrain scots sync scintillating sits reef big skittish skittishly cogs scree smog sac squall scholastic sol schoolbook sway scallop sole sell lotte slot scuffle skinniness squawk skype skylight squeaky scream skivvies slam screamer skinny-dip sag scared lotte SQUAT scapegoat snub scruff scoreboard screwdriver skate watt rot skis skinniness skinflick down swam big sloe square-dance flot- swig scattering spot scald scripted squaw spit crot schoolmate scapegoat scoop scorer squirmy squick scatological sketch job skaff scraps scornful yacht skedaddle quack sine scavenge gawp sly got sag saps alot schoolbook hot scree soak skit sore schizoid scandium cot scald sky-high yacht sold long shot soil seed self sows scrabbler crot hut squirmy scab shot shot scarecrow schwa skipper skullcap squeaky scrupulous slow sobs science skirt scorekeeper saga squalidness scatterbrain gob screenwriting squeal swap not subs squalid walk crot spur scrubber bot skittish scarify skimpily reef sun forgot save sadat soak spat scumbag smut scrabbler scarification scratchy shun surf reef lot squelchy sue skaff skeptically skin-diving scrota schnauzer scripted screamer skimpiness sty scapegoat duck sale serf scurry squash jot whole scholarship knot skunk scally scum shun square skinny some cot duck skype schoolchildren SQUAT slut spas sag shiv said squeamishly knot squad low chunky crot scrabbler soft skywriting squish scarce scarlatina drop gawk sax scramble stumpy, skilful scad schematic spec squeakiness scrapper surf stet scoreless slag scenery scavenger sues schnauzer self sheep sway sun says sculptured scally brown sort scad bought got slew sang scrawniness skincare scheming scaliness soar scarification skinny scoreless scrunchy scorer scarves schizoid spas schnozzle trotts soot stet schizo scourer schoolboy scold scarf seq save scarf not blood scent squalor coin seam she squiggle screwball scherzo skinny-dipping skit spot soot seek suet squeamish scrubby sir squat skit slurm scow spot skyrocket squawk snag knot skwattakamp squirmy skin sort scrambler sage scotch sue scholastic spew scott skid shot 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scrapyard spur silk scoliosis schoolmarmish scapulae scurvily stub squat sit scree rot quiff square-dance squeezer sect scrupulous scalawag scram scroll sail schmooze soul skimp scrabbler got schoolbook sons scraper swam scrubber seal scrooge sods squishy spat scrumptious root skwonk scullion scorched square sell swum shot whole squat lot scrimshaw sane gawk soon crouch sift stop scentless scrupulousness said drop scrofula spot spew sup scuba sobs sir scuttle scupper scrimmage slap scribal knot skepticism skinflint a sine swam scapegoat squeak scalloped serf scramble scabby allot slur swan scantiness slur scot-free sculler squib scalding skillful quondom scram stir skinny-dipping squirt soap soda spy knot skullcap shot sawn schnauzer scrutinize spun duck schoolmarmish sketchy squareness soft knot scraper scripted down schemer schizoid slog squarish scaliness gawp squally skywriter spay scruff scalding snow skim skit squirt self lott stop scrunchy schizophrenia skinhead stag swab tot 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shut scenarist baht schmuck not squeamishly sofa small skeet

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