Sunday, 7 January 2007

From "Virgin Mistress"

By Malcolm Jamal-Warner, a.k.a. Theodore "Theo" Huxtable.

[...] While our hips slow wine to the rhythm of bliss
Can you imagine this? Feeling life through my kiss too?
Taking one simple breath makes me miss you, let alone death doing us part
Shooting magic serum darts past the womb aiming straight to your heart
Will be your light when it's dark,
I make love to your core
Make this session faithfully yours, stone the whore with an unmatched affection
Poke and probe with an unmatched erection
Announce my arrival strictly for your protection
Cuz I'm liable to blow your mind...into little tiny pieces
When I release this pent up passion that will leave you gasping for more
Of what you've been yearning for, legs tingling, juices mingling, clit throbbin' and insides burnin'n for
Robbin' you of your chance to gather your senses
Because once your arrival commences and your soul tenses
There's no turning back...except you...on your back again
Beggin' to be lightly slapped again
Insides willing to be tapped again
My emotions are trapped again because as much as I try to do this without them
I can't seem to
I need to wean you before I start to explode and unfold this spiritual load that becomes poetry in motion
(Truth be told this is why I spit the type shit that makes mermaids do back flips in the ocean)
Cuz when I let go, it's a force that I control not, giving you all that I've got
Exasperated that you've taken each and every shot like a trooper and a half
But as we'd bask in each other's aftemath, both radiating in mutual glow
I'd once again grow sad because I'd already know how far this is gonna go
Don't wanna be a playa no more-but not that bad
For I've had far too many trials and two too many tribulations caused by incredible vibrations
Followed by heart-stopping sensations created by gyrations of which only God could approve [...]

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