Sunday, 3 December 2006

Openned 6 (part 7)

Stereotype was a beautiful idea, not fucked up (a montage of clips: writers approaching their writing place from dozens of films, then writers getting started, getting going, getting lost in thought, getting distracted, upset, interrupted; tearing, burning work; the end, the end, the end. Mostly typewriters; a smudgen of quills, wordprocessors). It’d be good though, to have a remix in a more mechanical manner – a structuralist and mythographic account of the Hollywood novelist, with a strong claim to objectivity via metonymy. So Carrie off Sex in the Sic, you’re out (columnist not novelist) and Jack Nicholson is an interesting limit case, because his ‘novel’ is the repeated sentence “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (cf. Rachel Smith, peas psycho).

Constrained writing. Fresh blog skin is good in hexes. The first hex, for contrived constraint conformed to at all costs. A peculiar contour of disavowed choice is sent rippling through a million unchosen, unshakeable constraints which are more directly and more deeply involved in the text’s valorisation (though as Jeff Hilson has argued, “fun is not the only form of fun”). Naturally Blogger and Google don’t condone wussing to compromise equilibria before outcomes are clear. But form should soak up the constraints of process, or it’s the hex. Hex number two, that’s for constraint qua poor cozen of research. Projects receive this hex which very nearly do unfundable research into something gnarly, but waive basic scientific common sense to do with controls, sample space, isolating variables, etc., on account of Primrose Ponce. Clearly these two hexes form a Scylla and Charybdis Venn diagram. I think remixes are the answer.

Update: astonishing screenplay. In there somewhere.

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