Saturday, 2 December 2006

Openned 6 (part 5)

Marianne Morris is actually if you look the the poet laureate of impatience (Keston Sutherland), and in act one of When I Say I Believe In Women ... Emily is gunning for poet laureate of petulance. It’s “centred on the kind of feminism that, surrounded by male competitors / friends, still refuses to be compromised or outdone in ethical, social or artistic terms. It rejects gratuitous self-promotion as a major cause of skin-loss & instead challenges the word at the expense of the line, to the suspicion of the phrase, at the beck & call of the sign” (Emily Critchley). Though writing is here as revenge or redress (“When […] When […] When […] When people hear you talk they think […]”), aggression is endlessly undercut by carefree unaccountable obliquity – hardly jewels of self-deprecation and concession – “When people hear you talk they think: / you’ve got a way with yourself – or: if it were / me I’d run – or: words.” – “That’s what comes from being / informal I guess. Or not cool. Or erotic.”

"Plurality, boundlessness, asserting the right to speak differently, have resulted in the absence of a united front from which to 'prove' the 'rightness' of their feminist practices over the arguments of their traditional counterparts" (Emily).

Emily mentioned Ken Edwards's (?) characterisation of her stuff as "out of focus." The blurring is divided ambiguously between a blur shadowing a moving target like a speed-smudge, and a blur belonging in the steel of the patriarchal .50ish BMG (delivering 12.7ish x 99mmish rounds) pointing at her. I guess maybe therein the feminist pulse. Aminal wit radiating through self-preoccupation periodically threatened as, framed as, and even begun as political and interpersonal confrontation.

“Implicit in all this was a fatal altering, in spite of rigour, succinct but weighed on. It was helpful to take a little series of pills in place of you.”

I haven’t vacuumed in hours. And there is a moth on the floor whose wings have never been properly vacuumed – never. I am too tired to work out if this is right, maybe sort it out in the morning.

Had a look now, it's spot on.

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