Saturday, 2 December 2006

Openned 6 (part 1)

"The sixth Openned reading will take place on Wednesday 29th November at 7.14pm at The Foundry."

I arrived late but saw a film (Stereotype) & three great readings (Piers Hugill, Emily Critchley & Redell Olsen).

The table where there are sometimes books and flyers was bare. I remember seeing: Steve and Alex (the organisers). Sean Bonney, Sophie Robinson, Lydia White, Rosheen Brennan, Adam, Jonathan Stevenson, Drew Milne, Ceri Buckmaster, Tim Atkins, Seaton Gordon. Please tell me who else was there.

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UnruhLEE said...

Hi, I am trying to contact Ceri Buckmaster, and I notice you said you saw her in November. She translated a Roberto Freire text, which I am trying to track down (only part of it is still available online). If you can help me, please have her email me at

Unruh Lee