Wednesday, 13 April 2005

From "The Smart Money is on the Tortoise"

By Miles Kington.

The Cuckoo

One spring day a cuckoo, who had recently arrived from overseas, landed on a nest where a bird had just laid some eggs.

"I know you!" said the bird. "You were here last year! You pushed all my eggs of the nest and filled it with your own, leaving me to bring them up! I don't want that to happen again!"

"Nor will it," said the cuckoo. "This year I have a totally different business plan."

"Oh?" said the bird. "What is it?"

"This year I intend to put in position a young birds' empowerment scheme. The successful candidates will be given every opportunity to acquire skills and multi-task. The project will be survival-driven. In order to facilitate this, you will be given overall charge of the delivery of the results."

"Well, I suppose that sounds all right . . ." said the bird.

So the cuckoo pushed all her eggs out of the nest and filled it up with her own, and left the bird to bring them up.

Moral: When someone starts talking management talk, run for your life.