Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Plot of "I Love You, Man"

From Wikipedia, 12/04/09.

Peter Klaven just got engaged to Zooey Rice. She’s ecstatic and calls her closest friends, but Peter does not seem to have anyone special he’d like to share the good news with. At Peter's parents’ house, it comes out that Peter is actually a “girlfriend guy” and his guy friends when he was growing up 'fell by the wayside.' After overhearing Zooey's friends tell her that they are concerned Peter does not have any friends, he realizes he needs to find some friends to have a best man for his wedding. Peter seeks the advice of his younger, gay brother Robbie on how to meet platonic guy friends and how to take them on a man-date.

Peter's first attempt is to hang out with Barry, Denise's husband, for poker night with the guys. It ends horribly when, after chugging too many beers, Peter projectile vomits all over Barry. Robbie tries to help Peter by sending him out with a guy from his gym for a soccer game. That does not last long, since the man is angering fans at the game and has a very high-pitched voice. Peter's mother tries next by sending him to dinner with a guy that just moved to L.A. Against Robbie's advice, Peter goes to dinner with Doug and afterwards it ends awkwardly with a deep tongue kiss. Peter tries for himself online and finds Mel, who is actually an old man.

With all these failed attempts, Peter decides to give up, but during an open house at Lou Ferrigno's, he meets Sydney Fife. They instantly hit it off when Sydney correctly gives a play-by-play of a potential buyer farting. Because of Sydney's honesty, they exchange business cards. When Peter calls Sydney he leaves a very embarrassing voice mail, but when Sydney calls him back they decide to go out for drinks.

After a nice night, they hang out again for lunch and afterwards Sydney shows Peter the man cave. They start playing musical instruments together and hanging out a lot more. Zooey finally meets Sydney at the engagement party where Sydney makes a very awkward speech hinting that Zooey needs to give Peter more oral sex.

Peter convinces Sydney to go golfing with the girls and it ends with Haily storming off the green. Right after that, when Peter is suppose to be watching HBO Sunday programming with Zooey, Sydney calls and talks Peter into going to see Rush instead. At the concert Zooey feels ignored while Peter and Sydney are really enjoying the concert. During tuxedo shopping, Sydney asks Peter why he is marrying Zooey and asks Peter for an eight-thousand dollar loan. Doug coincidently shows up and confronts Peter, calling him a whore because he thinks he is with Sydney. Peter finally comes clean to Sydney telling him that he was searching for friends before meeting him and that he will loan him the money.

Zooey is not psyched about Sydney being the best man and after Sydney gets in a fight with Lou Ferrigno and is probably losing exclusive rights to the property they have a talk. Peter tells her that he lent Sydney money and asks her if she knows why they are getting married. Zooey is angry and leaves to stay at Denise's house.

When Peter leaves for work that next morning he sees several bill boards that Sydney put up using the loan. When he confronts Syndey, he decides to end their relationship as friends because of the conflict. After he patches things up with Zooey explaining to her that he is nervous but ready to get married. Peter discovers that the ads worked; he starts receiving more clients and offers on the Ferrigno house.

While Peter feels bad about confronting Sydney now that the Ferrigno house is sold, he doesn't re-invite Sydney to the wedding. Before the wedding, Zooey sees Peter upset about the loss of Sydney, so she calls and invites Sydney (who is already on his way) to the wedding. Just before the vows are to be taken, Sydney makes a dramatic entrance, they explain their platonic love for each other, and Sydney assumes the role of best man.

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