Thursday, 1 April 2004

From "Theses on Speed"

By Keston Sutherland.

Audiences of cinematic and political routines have for a long time been herded into an ideological enclosure in which it's declared that speed is nothing but emergency reactions, the bluff or brawny refusal of the angst implicit in liberal speculation, coffined typically in the dictum "_____ first, ask questions later." This "speed" belongs to the man-of-action: seine Eigentum. The reward for his quick-unthinking is of course that the questions "asked later" are not really questions at all, but a set of superficially negative justifications for precipitous action.

[...] post-modern anti-foundationalist philosophy [...] the first to exclaim that there must be no "there" to get to, no "what to come [...] is still a matter of sequence and not velocity. In perfect and reassuring conformity with the falseness of our times, sequence-making is not eradicated but, on the contrary, extended: pseudo-apriorism now comes before apriorism [...]

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