Saturday, 7 October 2000

From "The Politics"

By Aristotle trans. T. A. Sinclair.

We shall, I think, in this as in other subjects, get the best view of the matter if we look at the natural growth of things from the beginning. The first point is that those which are incapable of existing without each other must be united as a pair. For example, (a) the union of male and female is essential for reproduction; and this is not a matter of choice, but is due to the natural urge, which exists in the other animals too and in plants, to propogate one's kind [...] Equally essential is (b) the combination of the natural ruler and ruled, for the purpose of preservation. For the element that can use it intelligence to look ahead is by nature ruler and by nature master, while that which has the bodily strenght to do the actual work is by nature a slave, one of those who are ruled. Thus there is a common interest uniting master and slave.

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