Saturday, 16 September 2000

From "Aristotle's Art of Poetry"

By Lodovico Castelvetro.

The Word […] to Eat , is a proper Word, and consequently more common and mean, wherefore Euripides changed it, and put into its place [...] a Metaphorical Word […] signifies, to feast, to devour, to feed : When Virgil speaks of the Serpent which devoured Laocoon's Sons, he says,

--- Miscros morsu depascitur artus.

And renders the Expression much more noble by the compounded Word.

15. We should destroy the Beauty of most part of Homer's Verses, if in the place of those choice and noble Terms he has used, we should put proper Words.] Aristotle quotes two of Homer's Verses, which I have not Translated, because our Language has not figur'd Words to express them: But Homer is full of other Examples, which may be put in the place of those I have suppressed: We need only open his Book to find them.

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