Thursday, 21 September 2000


By Catallus.

O FVRVM optime balneariorum
Cleverest of all clothes-stealers at the baths,
Vibenni pater et cinaede fili
father Vibennius, and you, his profligate son,
nam dextra pater inquinatiore,
for the father has a dirtier right hand,
culo filius est uoraciore
but the son has a more voracious anus:
cur non exilium malasque in oras
can't you piss off somewhere
itis? quandoquidem patris rapinae
nasty? since the father's plunderings
notae sunt populo, et natis pilosas,
are known to just about everybody, and you can't sell,
fili, non potes asse uenditare.
son, your hairy arse for an As.

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