Thursday, 10 August 2000

“Recuperation of the avant-garde” is an event which perhaps occurs in the way in which the sentence “recycling bins though rifled denied arms” strikes the put-heart of a particular hearer, an ontological space with no time dimension at all, or perhaps in a conscious experience lasting less than two seconds in which certain scraps of internal monologue are heard which combine with the sentence’s penetrating conceptuality to neutralise it, or in a pattern of critical reception of the poem containing the sentence which lasts years though exists intensely for only a few months, in which whatever is aroused by the poem is diverted from potential socio-political engagements into superduperstructural toy cud conceptuality, or in the habitas of the poet, or in the proliferation of the rhetorics he participates in until they penetrate advertising copy, or in that plus the relative success of the ad campaign, or in the success of an ethical concept such that an unethical firm or sector accommodates it in its business plan, or [...] or more precisely, “recuperation of the avant garde” refers to an idea which has a certain amount of purchase on all the events just described. Ideas like this one, which which vibrate with truth and use intermittently across a variety of levels, resolutions, scales, conviction threshholds, audiences, thinkers, and speeds, are characteristic of any style of thought which does not draw tithe from positivism. These applicably-versatile ideas out-compete ideas whose truth only flourishes in structures that are not repeated across these various dimensions; so, the latter die off unless sustained exogenously.

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