Friday, 11 August 2000

From "Knowledge and Class"

By Stephen A. Resnick & Richard D. Wolff.

Marxian theory, while definitely antiessentialist, does deploy a particular manner of constructing its knowledge of the social totality. It is motivated by, focused upon, and aims at an ever-deeper knowledge of a selected subset among the many aspects of the social totality. These are economic aspects and, in particular, the class processes and their interrelations within the social totality. The particular, unique concepts of class and of overdetermination in Marxian theory operate as the entry points, guiding threads, and objects of the knowledge produced in and by Marxian theory. The knowledge aims to specify both how the class relations it designates as its objects are overdetermined by the nonclass aspects of the social totality and how those class relations participate in the overdetermination of those nonclass aspects. This knowledge aims, by means of exactly this specification, to determine the contradictions in those class relations and the dynamic motion that those contradictions produce.

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