Tuesday, 8 August 2000

From "BURnER/,,%*hIGhGrEeN"

By Ulli Freer.

[...]uying muscles monitor light to wide
angles selling rough pasture for pigs fit
brought forward second floor garden
arable hood arcadia a blood wine & produce tabled
sweat ordinance map
public road brick building
wood fell by 4x4 gyrations
wind capped swirls guttural modulations
deer to fox rebounds body against concrete
questioned walkways art in residence
a five bar gate camouflages
to lift an opening memory from dung
suckled on splintered rood wounds
tithe lair and bush rack and stocks

preserving brushwood breath lark notes
river rede island wood burn the banks extinct
communard rendezvous cleugh head & sneap
handsung to blind spot
people on board believed to be inv[...]

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