Friday, 28 July 2000

From an e-mail to UKPoetry

By Marianne Morris.

[...] my own work has been trending towards a kind of double imagery, injecting political issues with comedy or baroque elements in order to demonstrate the ways in which, sometimes, things that we should be thinking about pass almost unwittingly under our noses - and in some cases i've been writing about certain issues without any restraint at all. but then it feels as though, from an avant-garde perspective, the political aspect of a poem is more effectively evoked through the skewed connections between words. i myself am quite keen on standard grammar and syntax at the moment, and am clinging to a kind of narrative structure, but i'm wondering if i should rethink this, and if so, how much. does such an approach nullify other attempts within the work to bring certain issues to light? does it give it the aura of unpleasant complicity? what do people think about this, or about anything else in poetry, if they have any of their brain left after all this bullshit i wonder [...]

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