Monday, 24 July 2000

From "The Atrocity Exhibition"

By J. G. Ballard.

The Sex Kit. "In a sense," Dr Nathan explained to Koester, "one may regard this as a kit, which Talbert has devised, entitled "Karen Novotny" ... (1) Pad of pubic hair, (2) a latex face mask, (3) six detachable mouths, (4) a set of smiles, ... (7) photo cut-outs of a number of narrative situations -- the girl doing this and that, (8) a list of dialogue samples, of inane chatter ... (15) slides of vaginal smears, chiefly Ortho-Gyno jelly, (16) a set of blood pressures, systolic 120, diastolic 70 rising to 200/150 at onset of orgasm ..."

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