Wednesday, 3 May 2000

Note on "Soaring"

A poem by James Harvey, I think unpublished. Here's a bit of it:

"[...] and the centre of gravity is on the keel away from the wings,

the lungs are open passageways through which air rushes
entering bellows, pushed into lungs
and out to another sac to be exhaled [...]"

Etymology of SOARING: "From French s’essorer (meaning to soar), essorer (meaning to dry (by exposing to the air)), from Latin ex (meaning out + aura (meaning the air, a breeze); akin to Greek aura (meaning breath). See aura, also compare exhale."

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The Editors said...

Published here. I love James. Like a brother. He is a kind man with a good heart and people should listen to him, because the things he has to say are worthwhile.