Sunday, 21 May 2000

From "The Rhyme of Alcool"

By Marianne Morris.

OK, they are innocent. You need to have compassion. At last, / It is the only thing you can think of doing / With your mouth, and then I’ll take the punk’s ho. Switchy-flip. Nate! / Wholefoods, then the salami bake. My body rigid with tears, I just / Couldn’t fucking take it any more, Apollinaire. Latin fetish. Terribly / The night in a bar, crow bar, reflexive crow bar. Diminishing need, that’s / What you want to avoid. Crip. Vent. Noxious olive perfume, $24.99. / Oh that dollar sign just cheapens everything. Make it £24.99 and they’ll believe it. / Muff. Pedalo. Hopefully you think you used to know about things but / You were wrong, totally wrong. Religion is the only new religion. Barf. /Chipotle and Glaxo Wellcome BOTH have a museum. Fact. / Everyone else is just completely wrong, but you have to love them because / It’s the way you know. Hmm, let’s see now, Where to shove the Imperials? / BLESS. Tiff. .gif PEDALO. His heart is a beautiful thing, but not / Because it is his PER SE but not because it is something out of love or nothing or jujubes but because / Gilette. Up wipes the blade. $24.99. He fucked / The entire share price. To £10.89 a fucking share, yeah! Hub! / This is stupid. / The entire thing is stupid. So meated into stupidity that flames / Come out. Lick lick lick. Just forget about skin. Forget about everything. / Take a wife and leave. Retire. Inject prisms into bystanders via the internet, that’s fine. / It’s how all the big players are doing it, / feeling funky. Lemon6. Kiwi8. Nebulae. Farce falls faster than bullets / Not that we are going to make a paste of talking hash about those, Nestor. / Don’t forget to invite Nate to the pin-up dragon-ball. This is fine / For fish but they don’t need to drink water, don’t need to appeal to anybody, / Don’t need to mind their speech, don’t need to fuck, don’t—THINK OF THAT. / THAT LAST ONE. FUCK. It is retarded to imagine that by splicing two obstreperously / Opposed nouns together you will make a lengua cambiada (e.g. “tongueditch”). Okay. That’s ok, / That’s groaning and enveloping. A HUGE PORTION OF MEAT AND VEGETABLES / HAS BEEN STACKED UP IN THE REQUISITE AREAS AND WILL / BE SOLD. HOW DO YOU / REPAIR A FRACTURE. DO YOU NEED TO BE / HELD. ARE YOUR FINGERNAILS / OKAY. Lemon, melon, whatever. It’s all the same to me. I don’t want to talk to you about it because it’s too painful, punky. Make love to me or die. Don’t / Forget to remove yourself from the alabaster thing of choice. A line / Break. Drastically vituperative states. Alongside lemons. HELP. / Gooooood, sweetie, now all you have to do [...]

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