Monday, 22 May 2000

From "Dio-Calm"

By Robin Purves.

Shit with many a ròd nan cliar (anchorage of poets)
Shit (cheery) with birds
Shit thin and sharp and small
Shit (of wrinkled snout) like a badger
Shit like the two halves of a muffin
Shit every river in Scotland
Shit, cromadh, at all Scotland below us
Shit a glimpse of England down below
Shit nowhere more than in Scotland here
Shit Scotland! The Golden Eagle
Shit the elements of its complex history
Shit the New Scotland; fion gà leigeadh
Shit the rest of the universe dh'aon ghath
Shit the lines on the palm of my hand
Shit my own nature that for a while gave way

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