Monday, 15 May 2000

From "Coffee-Houses Vindicated. IN ANSWER To the late Published Character of a Coffee-House."

by Anon (1675).

However we shall preserve that equal regard to Solomons double-fac'd advice, To Answer and not Answer such as our characterizing Authour, That we shall decline Retorting any thing particularly to his scurrilities; Let the Town-witt (whom we leave to take his own satisfaction) Fence with him if he please at those Weapons; a formall Answer would be too great an Indulgence to his Vanity, and make him think too considerably of himself; Besides to reply in the pittyful stile of his pedling Drollery is to ingage in a Game at Push-pin, And to say any thing s[...]ri[...] will be no more (to borrow his Phrase) than reading a Lecture to a Monkey; Instead therefore of wasting our own or the Readers time so Impertinently, We shall briefly endeavour to give you an Account of the Vse and Vertues of Coffee, and next consider some of those many conveniences Coffee-houses afford us both for business and conversation [...]

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