Wednesday, 19 April 2000

From "An Introduction"

by Sam Ladkin and Robin Purves.

The work of the four poets in this issue is among the most advanced and resourceful currently available for investigating the ramifications of these questions—the truth that our identities, as we crouch over a laptop or eat a clementine on the subway, are dependent for their making and sustenance on the catastrophic exploitation of the unfortunate inhabitants of other places. This is one reason for the poets’ concern with consumption in all of its forms, and especially the co-implication of digestive, commercial, military, and information economies. The apparently delinquent manipulation of the wordsurface here is emphatically not a celebration of the freedom to do anything one wants with language, and there is no sense that such a freedom would count, or could be taken, as significantly liberating in the wider world, a fact which immediately sets this work apart from the polemics associated with Language writing.

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