Sunday, 23 April 2000

From "Don't Start Me Talking"

[...] one of which reappeared on the back of the pic sleeve of 'Pretty Vacant'. This always made me think that Guy Debord, and hence the Marx he filched all his best phrases from, was DEEP PUNK, whatever Johnny Rotten said in No Dogs. Actually, what Rotten said was great [OTL goes to his bookshelf and pulls out a hardback volume, riffles the pages]: Ah! Here it is . . . 'As far as the music being academic, at the time very littl. of it seemed so. The references to the Situationists -- I've only read about them in the last three years! Everybody knew about the Surrealists and dadaists, but who the hell were the Situationists? I don't know if Malcolm or Bernie ever talked to the Pistols about all of that, but I don't think it would have stuck. They would have gone down to the pub -- certainly, Steve would have." Steve Jones was a deriviste without knowing it! Brilliant.

So in a context like that, what you call 'High-Street' poetry held no interest whatsoever: it was middle-class, it was sensitive, it was about visiting churches and worrying about your bicycle clips.

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