Sunday, 23 April 2000

From "Don't Start Me Talking"

To return to your question: Prynne's underground poetry connected to my general idea of REVOLT before I faced any political option or lifestyle choice. This revolt centred on my disgust that I was so oppressed / repressed that I couldn't talk about sex at home. Gradually it dawned on me that you can lob truth into a vile social situation and everything explodes! I wanted to be the satirist of my generation. When I went to university, I thought I was an anarchist. It was the practical nature of the SWP in organising the Anti-Nazi League which impressed me -- we went to shout outside the hotel where the NF were meeting, while the Communist Party went for an 'anti-racist' prayer meeting in the church. The anarchists sat around talking about acid trips. My friend Mike Laurence became an SWP member and a fervent Marxist, but I was a bit patronizing to him at first. I was reading Guy Debord and early Marx, he was an "activist". It took Martin Bennell in Leeds to bully me into joining the party.

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