Friday, 11 April 2008

from "covert art"

By Sophie Robinson.

[...] KY prompt
toward language or some other
species, catalogue of camouflaged
& solvent nightlines wired high
taut energy buzzing potentiality or
the fuzz of a onehanded VHS drone
fastforward to action or flip to switch
in pillowfight mode, army of feathers
of which they are made, vertebrae
concealed in candy cotton drawstring
neatly fitted below a subtle rounding
pouch of doughy love, maternal
hangover washed down & out in
drunken fumbling, nipple slipped
to fingered thumbing, output device
tuned to tip of tongue on palate
thrumming or clicking out a name
in defence of molecular integrity a
supplied system shorted out by
a third eyelid that moves & flocks
outward, grant me a modified
citation or point of reference in
which to nestle outside of a
medical environment, all trusty
gestures appear alien & I am
unable to handle objects directly
for fear of dispersing lineage, oh
let's waste our nervous systems
to ammonia, hook ourselves up
to something larger than a group
of specialised scavengers, throw
it all into the air around whoever
pisses us off.

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