Saturday, 11 March 2000

"More Kid Talk."

By Lanny Quarles.

there's not alot of bureaucracy here.

fog cube airport. most people arrive in pneumatics, get sorted by robot
and never even wake up, or stop watching their games or movies.

the individual fog cubes can mediate themselves.
some come with bright yellow frogs inside.
there's a scientific reason. i think this airport is also
a frog breeding station for some by product?

these safety colored anchorite frogs
have some pretty cool accessories.
secret stuff, cult stuff, inside their caves.

Most of it is made in Brazil
by people who were born in Luxembourg.

one thing is just a kind of molded metal frog couch
that stays warm from the friction of the water exchange unit
inside the pipe.

i don't think these are really frogs anymore.

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