Friday, 24 March 2000

A canticle, or song, of the third & fourth chapters of the song of Solomon

In bed I sought my loue by night,
But could not find him there,
I sought him but he vvas farre off,
And did not come me neere.

I rose, & vvalkt the streates to see
If my soule could him find
Whom I did vvant, yet found I not
The day starre of my mind.

The ra I straight to those that teach
And vvatch, & vvaite for me
And sayd to the ca ye shevve novve
Where I my loue might see.

And thus halfe spent vvith care, & cost,
My soule gan faint, & faile
Loe then my loue did shevve himselfe,
& vvould not let me quaile

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