Wednesday, 1 December 1999

From "A Marshall Plan for the Third World"

By Sir Bernard Braine (Third World Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2. (Apr., 1979), p. 48).

Equally, both rich and poor share a mutuality of interest in planning globally with regard to the use of scarce energy resources. Oil wealth will not last forever and while it does there is surely a case for ensuring that the rich nations who consume the bulk of what is available use it sparingly. We do not do so, of course, and future generations may well condemn us for our greed, our wastefulness and our inefficiency. There is a compelling need for rich and poor alike to develop alternative systems based not on oil, or the nuclear option (with all its attendant risks), but on renewable resources of energy such as solar power and biofuels. Indeed, the poor are well placed for this since most of them are located in the world's 'sun belt'. Then, instead of consuming our energy capital as we have been doing recklessly, polluting the atmosphere at the same time, we shall draw on our energy income which is inexhaustible and non-polluting. In this way we shall be helping one another to survive long after fossil fuels have been exhausted.

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